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Recent research disclosed that certain social media platforms can compromise mental health and body image, especially among teenage girls. These algorithmic toxicity combined with immersive technologies such as VR and AR will have even more powerful and unintended consequences such as “Online Identity Crisis” This NFT is very timely and meant to leave footprints on the collector and viewer’s mind as humanity tries to grapple with the negative implications of unchecked mass adoption of the Extended Realities.

Format: illustration

Art by SUTU

Price: 5 ꜩ


(First NFT with the word Metaverse)

This is the first mention of the word Metaverse as an NFT. I minted it in 2018. I will give 100% of the proceeds to XRSI and XR Safety Week.
This card is also significant in that it is the first minted Future Meme. In it, I also predict that the Metaverse will use crypto goods and digital scarcity will be embraced.
You could be the owner of this rare dank meme:) First to mail me and has money in my wallet gets this rare piece of metaverse history.

Format: illustration

Art by Future Meme

Price: 0.11000000 BTC


BURDEN “For many, the reality of life as we know it can be a burden. The cost of staying alive itself could be very burdensome. Life is like a rollercoaster with its highs and lows, and the only way out is death.” This piece expresses pain in artform for people weighed down by the pressures of living. Going through life alone really feels like a burden and no one deserves to be weighed down by such pressure.
Purchase Unlocks link to 4 more high-resolution scenic views and a gif.

Format: video

Art by Olufemi Akola

Price: .25 ETH


When you think about cybersecurity, the image that pops into your mind is likely not an Asian Indian, Muslim, entrepreneurial woman. Kavya Pearlman is changing that image.

Format: image

Art by Kavya Pearlman

Price: 10,000 ꜩ

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